In-Vehichle Infotainment

With the best quality and service, A&W PhoneLink has been the best choice of Bluetooth® connectivity application for In-Vehicle Infotainment system. Following the Automotive standard, A&W PhoneLink provides the most advanced functions, protection of virus/hacking attacks, and the best phone compatibility, which satisfies any kind of customers.

Best solution for platforming crossing:

  • Crossing Linux and Android (any version) system with the same core
  • Compliant with any version of Android, passing Google certification and use for 3rd party APK
  • Support Android Bluetooth® API and A&W PhoneLink API for Android system

Best Phone Compatibility:

  • Large quantity mobile phones in house providing quickest response for any phone Issue
  • Professional Analysis & Report system
  • Provide workaround solution with the best expertise and service manner
  • Providing the most satistying IOP testing

Excellent Technology / Quality:

  • Adopt automotive standard:
    • High reliability/stability/portability /anti-hacking attack
  • Support all major Platform, BT/Wi-Fi chip, OS/RTOS
  • Advanced and complicated functions; for example:
    • Multi-Connection over 5 Mobiles,
    • Audio Route,2 SCO connections ,
    • Rear Seat Entertainment,
    • One Platform with two BT Chips
  • Up-to-date SIG Stack &  Profile version
Legacy pairing
Simple secure pairing (SSP)
Service enquiry
Paired device management
Bluetooth power control
Bluetooth ON / OFF
Auto Reconnect
A2DP Music Streaming
SBC codec
AAC/MP3 codec (optional)
LDAC™ / aptX™
QoS control
EQ audio enhancement
AVRCP control
AVRCP browsing
AVRCP Group Navigation
AVRCP Covert Art
Play status notification
Multiple A2DP / AVRCP connections
Hands-free Call
3-way call/Call hold/ Call waiting
Conference call
Voice dial/ Siri control
Multiple HFP connections
Wide band speech
Private mode
The Registration Status of HF
EC/NR Integration for hands-free call
Multi Connection
Different Profile with different Phone
Non-PBAP phonebook download
PBAP phonebook download
PBAP Browsing
Caller picture
Call history
Multi-language with UTF8(Unicode)
Phonebook sorting engine
(include Chinese sorting)
MAP/SMS notification
Email/IM notification
MAP / SMS download/send
Multi-language with UTF8(Unicode)
SIG BLE profiles
ANCS (Apple Notification Center Service)
Proprietary profile
MFi/ iAP/ iAP2
SW ECNR (3rd Parties)
Rear Seat Entertainment
One Platform with two BT Chips